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Sustainability Summit

SimpliCity: Howdy, neighbor

Local summit aims to further green initiatives through cooperation. Published by Colorado Springs Independent on January 28, 2015. Read the Article

PPCC Sustainability - What we're here for

Come out for a morning in nature and help clean the local creeks for our duck friends! At the Goose Gossage Park on Thursday, July 23rd.

Where: Goose Gossage Park
When: Thursday, July 23rd at 9-11 AM
Gloves and other supplies will be provided.

PPCC Sustainability - What we're here for

PPCC Sustainability promotes sustainable behaviors through programs, events, activities, and community outreach.

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  • Conferences, Fundraisers, Networking, Service Projects, Field Trips
  • Open to students of all academic and technical programs
  • Learn how to save money, feel healthy, and reduce your environmental impact
  • Help others realize the many benefits of sustainable living

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