The Downtown Studio Art Gallery

The Downtown Studio Art Gallery brings multiple critically acclaimed international contemporary art exhibits annually in addition to our Art Student and Art Faculty exhibits. The PPCC Downtown Studio Art Gallery Facebook page includes up to date information about our hours, events and exhibits.

Building discovery, community and success through Art.

The Gallery is dedicated to preparing students for their careers as working artists while exposing them to the outstanding work of accomplished professionals in the field. 

Among the many events hosted by the Gallery, supplementing the exhibits, are Gallery artist talks, salon discussions, interdisciplinary performances, and much more.

The Gallery has been nominated for and the recipient of several awards through the Pikes Peak Arts Council.

Special Thanks to Walt Palmer Photography for the images in the gallery slide-show
Also, Special Thanks to Students & Artists who have allowed their artworks to be showcased in the slide-show


 “ Inspired by Leonard Shlains’s 1993 book….BenAmots dreamt of curating an exhibit that explored the relationship between physics and art…..From painted geometrical symphony of local artist Jay Miller to the industrial scenes of Wyoming’s David Jones, PPCC’s new exhibit, ARITHMaTIC Visions: Physics Engineering Art, fulfills her vision.”
– 7 Days To Live! featured article Colorado Springs Independent 

“An eclectic group of installation artists (in Senses & Sensitivities exhibit at the PPCC Downtown Studio Art Gallery)…create emotional visual and intellectual dialogues engaging a variety of senses resulting in an explosion of multi-layered responses.”
The Artful Dodger, The Cheyenne Edition

A place where…”art meets science in ARITHMaTIC Visions: Physics Engineering Art …at the Downtown Studio Art Gallery at Pikes Peak Community College”  GO! section Gazette

“the unique complexities of the human female experience” are explored at “Pikes Peak Community College Downtown Studio Art Gallery” in the “art show Icons and Whispers: Domestic Dioramas.” GO! section Gazette

“Today’s..a..good day….to take in the latest…at the PPCC Downtown Studio Art Gallery.”
–7 Days To Live! CS Independent