The Women's Forum

Our Mission Statement: The Women's Forum is dedicated to sustaining a community forum through connections and collaboration for the advancement of women's goals.

The Women's Forum assists women scholars both face-to-face and online through Second Life, the virtual meeting place that addresses many of the needs of PPCC women. Women can attend meetings and network, virtually anywhere they have internet access. Contact us for assistance and create a FREE avatar on

Connect with The Women's Forum and build your "success entourage."

Meet the WF Team: 

Name Title/Position Second Life Avatar
Regina Lewis Director Regina Titanium
Sandy Ho Coordinator Sandy Foresight
Kate Pagel Editor KatieP Bombastic
Crystal Cyr Graduate Assistant Cryssi Kamala
Chris Sandmore Treasurer Chrissy Canis

Who are the women students of PPCC?

59% of the student population are women
60% are placed in developmental courses
56% retention rate
66% demonstrate a financial need
56% are full-time students
Average age is 27
Many of these women are full-time parents

About the director: Regina A. Lewis, Ph.D. is the director of WF and the assistant dean in the Division of Communications, Humanities and Technical Studies. Dr. Lewis is an alum of PPCC. She has a doctorate in Educational Leadership, Research, and Policy; a master's degree in Communication; and a bachelor's degree in Psychology - all from the University of Colorado - Colorado Springs. She is a single parent who has worked her way out of poverty through education, while raising her son who is currently attending college as a cadet at the U.S. Air Force Academy. She says, "I am passionate about my work because I have been there and understand the challenges that women face, especially while trying to reach higher levels of education."

For upcoming events, comments, questions, and to get on our mailing list, send an email to PPCCWomen' or call 719.502.4044.