Complete the First Two Years of Your Bachelors Degree at PPCC

Pikes Peak Community College has established a solid reputation for producing outstanding students who earn their associate’s degrees at PPCC and then transfer to four-year colleges or universities to complete their bachelor’s degrees. 

Benefits of starting at PPCC:

  • Small classes 
  • Flexible classes including on-campus, on-line, weekend, and hybrid course formats 
  • Strong student support services  
  • Our tuition rate is approximately 1/3 the cost of most public universities.
  • Studies show that Community College graduates who transfer are as successful or more successful than students who  do not begin at a community college.

Throughout the academic year, representatives from colleges and universities visit our campuses to meet with students about transfer options. We have whole-degree transfer agreements with four-year colleges and universities in Colorado and across the country with guaranteed acceptance of PPCC credits. Consult with Advising to ensure that you are making the best choices by following an advising guide or an approved transfer agreement.

Transferring to Four-Year Schools

Planning is the key to a successful transfer to a four-year baccalaureate program. Begin researching as soon as possible during your first semester at Pikes Peak Community College and take advantage of the various campus resources available to transfer students. Early Planning will give you the most choices and best opportunities to meet course requirements for your intended major at a four-year school. Most four-year colleges and universities have priority admissions deadlines in the mid-fall.  Speak with your advisors or see our transfer partners pages for additional information.

Creating a Plan

You are encouraged to discuss your transfer plans with your advisor. Advisors can provide you with information on transfer opportunities which will assist you in completing the transfer process. In addition they may provide you with:

  • Information about course selection, sequence of courses, and entrance into courses and programs at four-year colleges and universities.
  • Information on special admissions privileges and scholarships available at four-year schools.
  • Contact names and information for most four-year colleges.

Meet with an advisor to build a degree plan or contact Advising at  (719) 502-3232, or

Transfer Guidelines

Planning ahead while studying at Pikes Peak Community College will help make the transfer process go more smoothly. Keep in mind:

  1. "D" grades and below are not accepted by four-year colleges and universities.
  2. Credit for non-college level developmental courses, courses that start with a "0", are not transferable.
  3. Some colleges request placement or competency entrance examinations at or before registration to determine the exact level of achievement in certain areas. Course placement may depend on the results of these examinations.
  4. Career and technical courework is designed for early entry into the work force and oftentimes will not transfer to four-year schools. 

To Successfully Transfer

  1. Visit Advising to build a degree plan.
  2. Plan on making regular visits to your PPCC advisor and collaborate with the school you would like to transfer to.
  3. Submit applications early. Fall admissions deadlines are usually in early spring.